General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are published on the website From 01.01.2018. the new GTC are still valid, valid until revoked.

Within these GTC, the buyer is a natural or legal person who leases, ie buys goods or services of a legal entity:

Savicenta doo, Svetvincenat 47, 52 342 Svetvincenat

Goods and services are offered on the website, ie, as part of the trademark business



When purchasing (services or purchasing goods, hereinafter; lease), the client is considered to be familiar with the GTC, and the lease takes place as acceptance of the GTC.

Transactions are concluded at the headquarters of the service provider, via the Internet and outside the business premises with the prior agreement and clarification of the service provider.

Within these GTC, written communication between parties is also considered to be carried out through the means of communication (e-mail, fax, SMS messages, Viber, Facebook Messenger).




Trademark ESCAPE CASTLE SVETVINČENAT, the game and all elements of the game ESCAPE CASTLE are the work of the author Escape Room ENIGMARIUM® I Savičente doo HOUSE OF THE WITCH MARE, is also a work of art.

It is strictly forbidden to copy any content of the game, and content on the website. It is forbidden to photograph, scan, copy, transcribe, modify and republish any text or element of the game - for commercial or non-commercial purposes - without the express prior written consent of the author and copyright owner of Escape Room Enigmarium®. In case of written use of the content, the copyright notices must be preserved - Escape Room ENIGMARIUM® - and ESCAPE CASTLE®SVETVINČENAT.

As it is strictly forbidden to copy, photograph, copy, compress, modify and publish texts, parts of texts, logos, or other elements of the game content, it is also strictly forbidden to photograph, copy or reproduce the game, game scenarios and game elements. The scripts and the course of the game as well as all the technical elements represent the entire author's work and are protected. Elements of the game - the script, game map and technical props are a business secret - players undertake not to disclose the secret or otherwise disclose it to the public.





These general terms and conditions apply to the use of the ESCAPE CASTLE SVETVINČENAT service and the MARE WITCH HOUSE.

Escape castle and HOUSE OF WITCHES MARE - Visitor Center is a specially organized building or part of a building, supported by computer, audio / video or other technology.

Users rent a building or part of a building equipped in this way in order to try to solve puzzles, tasks or overcome other obstacles as quickly as possible and find the final solution.

The goal of the users is to test their mental and psychophysical abilities through the game and to achieve a record time.

ESCAPE CASTLE SVETVINČENAT offers customers the game Escape Castle. Users undertake to pay the agreed amount of money for the rented time of the game in the castle as payment for services. THE WITCH'S HOUSE MARE offers its users a virtual archery game and augmented reality glasses.




With the ESCAPE CASTLE SVETVINČENAT service and the WITCH'S HOUSE MARE, the client rents a specially arranged building or a special part of the building for a certain period of time (lease).

The provisions of the Civil Obligations Act governing the lease shall apply to legal transactions in an appropriate manner. Provisions governing long-term leases are excluded.

In addition to the above provisions, the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act governing distance selling shall also apply to rents paid via the Internet or some other form of distance selling.

A LESSEE is considered to be any player / party (legal or natural person) that concludes a legal transaction in the form of purchase of goods or lease of services that are the subject of a regular or special offer of the bidder via the website in the premises of the service provider or outside the premises of the service provider.

The BIDDER of goods or services is considered to be Savičenta doo, which offers, ie sells goods or services that are part of the regular or special offer.

CONTRACTORS become parties to the legal transaction after the client enters into a contractual relationship with the contractor.




The bidder and the executors of the contract are obliged to respect the personality and protect the privacy of the tenant. For the disclosure of personal or other sensitive data, they undertake to obtain the consent of the person to whom the data relates. This provision shall not apply in the event that the information is requested by the competent authority for the purpose of exercising its powers.

The bidder and the executors of the contract are obliged to provide services to the extent and in the manner as promised, offered, or contracted to the client (party). The only exception to this is force majeure or the inability to fulfill the same due to dependence on a third person.

During the execution of the order, the bidder and the executors of the contract are obliged to act at least with the care of a good master, to protect the interests of the ordering party and the bidder and to try to prevent any abuse in any form.




Before the start of the game, the tenants are obliged to sign an agreement for conducting audio / video surveillance, with which they undertake not to violate the ban on disclosure of secrets.

Tenants are obliged to carefully guard the building, parts of the building and equipment that is specially marked.

Specially marked places are not part of the game and do not lead to a solution in the game.

Tenants are liable for damage to specially marked equipment or parts of the building.

Tenants are obliged to follow the instructions provided by the bidder before, during or after the game.

If a third party or force majeure prevents the game from continuing during the game, the time is stopped. At the request of the tenant, the game continues as soon as the cause of the interruption ceases. Otherwise, the amount paid for the service (rent) is refunded to the lessee.

The renter may end or leave the game at any time before the time. In this case, the rental amount is not refundable.

The lessee is obliged to consistently protect his property and health and to avoid sources of danger, to give up or refrain from actions that may endanger the safety, health and property of the client or other participants.




A contractor is a natural or legal person who is not employed by the tenderer, but performs certain tasks for the tenderer as a contractual partner.

Contractors are required to comply with all business, ethical and professional standards in the field of work.

Contractors are obliged to respect the legislation that binds them in their field of work and to refrain from any actions that may cause any damage to the parties (contracting authorities) or the bidder.

Damage is also considered negligent provision of services, arbitrariness in connection with contractual obligations and encroachment on the rights of the contracting authority, ie, any action that may result in damage to the reputation of the tenderer or the contracting authority.

Violation of service standards may be grounds for termination of the contract and a contractual penalty for the contractor.

In the case of claims for breach by the contractor, the bidder reserves the right to recourse in addition to the contractual penalty.




If the lessee and the bidder agree on special agreements, they will arrange it in the form of a written legal act. Unless the special agreements regulate the issues differently, the special agreements in addition to the GTC are valid and supplement these GTC accordingly.

The lessee is obliged to always inform the bidder, ie to acquaint him with special circumstances that may affect the implementation, risks or success of the service:

  • before contracting a legal transaction,

  • if special circumstances arise after contracting a legal transaction,

  • as soon as possible.

The bidder undertakes that the submitted data will be studied and the risks assessed.

If the bidder estimates that the risk for the lessee is greater than the benefit that the lessee could have, the bidder has the right to refuse to enter into a legal transaction or enter into another transaction under special conditions.

Failure to notify by the contracting authority or tenderer is considered, in accordance with mandatory law, as non-fulfillment of essential elements of the legal transaction, which may result in withdrawal from the legal transaction.

By concluding a legal transaction, the lessee assumes responsibility for non-fulfillment of the obligation to notify, whereby he is liable for the damage civilly and criminally in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

The lessee agrees that he bears the consequences of the damage that could occur provided that the damage occurred on the basis of, arises from or is conditioned by special circumstances of which the bidder was not duly notified.

A notice is considered valid if it is mediated in writing as an integral part of a legal act or as a written notice, whereby a written notice is also considered an e-mail containing enough personally identifiable marks that it is possible to determine the author with certainty.

Prior to the lease, notification of special circumstances may also be provided orally.




Tenants may not disclose the secret of the castle without the written consent of the bidder. By renting and paying for the services of ESCAPE CASTLE SVETVINČENAT, the tenants undertake not to publish the secret or to disclose it in any other way to the public.

Each lessee agrees with the conditions from the previous paragraph and with the civil liability for business damage that he bears if he violates the agreement from the previous paragraph.

The agreement and other legal acts that individually define mutual relations are considered business secrets.

Communication and information exchanged between the bidder and the lessee is a business secret. For the disclosure of data, the bidder undertakes to request the consent of the lessee, whereby this provision is not in conflict with the applicable legal provisions in this area which determine the disclosure of data for the purposes of the Croatian authorities.

The provisions on business secrets are not in conflict with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. The party is free to dispose of his personal data.




Special provisions on the choice of rights for consumer contracts do not apply.

In the case of business between business entities (commercial contracts), if the bidder and the contracting authority do not agree on the choice of rights, the lessee agrees with the choice of Croatian law to resolve all disputes.

Croatian courts have jurisdiction over disputes between bidders and contracting authorities, with the court in Pula having territorial jurisdiction.




The bidder assumes responsibility for the storage and use of data from the moment of submission.

The contracting authority, which is a legal entity, agrees to the publication of a recognizable sign of the company and the company of the contracting authority in a special section on the website of the tenderer.

The lessee agrees with the processing and use of personal data for the purpose of information, advertising and for statistical purposes by the legal entity Savičenta doo

In the event that he does not agree with these conditions, the lessee is obliged to warn the bidder when concluding a legal transaction or to request the termination of processing in writing. A written request is also considered an electronic message that contains a sufficient amount of data on the basis of which it is possible to determine the holder of the processed personal data (eg name and surname).




The lessee may cancel the lease after the transaction has been made if the reservation is made more than 7 days from the date of the lease. Withdrawal from the contract must be submitted in writing, e-mail being considered.

For reservations made within the 7-day period until the lease date, cancellation of the contract is not possible. When withdrawing from the contract there is no refund of rent.




Changing the selected date is possible with a written request submitted at least 24 hours before the date via e-mail:




Prices are regulated by the price list, available for inspection by the bidder.

The tenant is obliged to pay the rent in full before the start of the game.




It is not possible to predict everything for the client of a risky life situation. Therefore, the bidder is released from liability for consequences arising from the actions of the contracting authority or arising from force majeure.

The bidder acquaints the lessee with those data and risks that may affect the legal relationship, and the bidder is aware of them. This in no way means that the bidder is obliged to inform the lessee of all possible risks.

The bidder is not liable for damage caused by conduct that harms the contracting parties, and especially not for those actions of the lessee that prevent the implementation of accepted agreements.

The lessee is not entitled to compensation if it turns out that he caused it by his own behavior, especially when he himself violated the provisions on the rules of the game, protection of personal data, business secrets and information obligations.

The bidder is released from liability in any sense when the contracting authority does not inform the bidder about the circumstances, ie, the conditions that may affect the observance, ie, the execution of the contract, in some part or in its entirety.

The tenant is obliged to immediately compensate the damage caused by negligence or intentional. In the event that the damage cannot be assessed immediately, the lessee shall bear the costs of the official appraiser in addition to the damage.

The bidder undertakes only within the limits of the relationship he contracts with the lessee.

The bidder is not liable for violations of the contractor who is not employed by the bidder. If the executor of the contract commits a violation, that is, causes damage, he is obliged to compensate the damage to the tenant.

The lessee is obliged to warn the bidder of the breach by the contractor as soon as possible. They should claim damages that could be caused directly by the contractor from the contractor.

In the event that damage has been caused to the bidder, the lessee is obliged to compensate the bidder for the damage. The bidder is also obliged to compensate the damage if it causes damage to the bidder due to negligence or intentionally.

The bidder is not responsible for any different interpretation and use of the provided information that deviates from the given explanation, agreement or standard of the profession. The bidder is not responsible for arbitrary actions of the lessee that are not in accordance with the instructions (warnings) and provisions of the contract and generally known standards of conduct, ie self-protection mediated by the bidder, contractual partner or other institution / individual.

The provider is responsible for care in providing services within the scope of professional standards.


GTC are available on the website and in the business premises of the bidder.


OUP are in force from 01.01.2018.


Privacy Policy

Effective from 25.05.2018.


Your GDPR rights:

  • As a data subject, you have certain rights related to the protection of personal data collected and stored by Savičenta doo

  • Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to access data concerning you, the right to rectify data, the right to restrict processing, the right to delete data and the right to transfer data.

  • You can send the request to the e-mail address


Handling of your personal data:

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  • We collect data based on your consent or based on a contract.

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  • We keep the statements you have signed for the purpose of protection of secrets until the room (Escape Castle) is closed, ie in accordance with the applicable law.

  • All other personal data in the context of contractual cooperation must be kept in accordance with applicable law.